Smart Sell Real Estate Wants to Work With You

Smart Sell Real Estate is a rapidly growing real estate agency in Rancho Cucamonga that’s winning praise from clients for allowing them to save thousands of dollars per transaction. If you’re a real estate professional who’s excited by the potential to post impressive numbers and ensure the satisfaction of the people who turn to you, then you may want to look into partnering with us.


How We Work


Unlike traditional brokerages, which charge a commission of 6 percent of the sale price, we operate by requiring no fee to list a property and only 3 percent upon the conclusion of the sale. This allows homeowners to spare themselves the extra expense that most agencies subject them to. Buyers love us too because they don’t care how the various commissions are divvied and split up behind the scenes. They’re just interested in the total sum they have to pay, and our lean business philosophy enables us to present them with fairly priced real estate deals.


Our low fees don’t translate into cut-rate service. We offer a full suite of tools to try to get the best prices for the buildings listed with us. We create clear and compelling signage, engage with social media, call upon trained photographers and videographers, print up fliers and banners, and conduct a whole range of related activities so that we can attractively showcase each house to potentially interested parties. Besides focusing on the bottom-line, we also endeavor to complete every sale as promptly as possible so that our clients don’t have to wait around while putting their busy lives on hold.


Increase Your Realty Results


The power of our innovative model is apparent to clients, who are flocking to us in droves. This is why we’re expanding our network of agents: The last thing we want is to become overwhelmed by a torrent of new business.


When you join our organization, you’ll be able to benefit from our expertise in marketing and customer service. When your clients sell their homes through us, we’ll syndicate their listings with popular sites, like Zillow, Redfin and Craigslist, to increase the chances of fulfilling their objectives. You can hand over your contracts, escrow info and other documents to our diligent transaction coordinators. They’ll see to the tedious details of making sure all the paperwork is in order so that you can devote your energy to more rewarding pursuits.


If you’d rather operate your own brokerage, then you can still take advantage of our brand and reputation. We’re looking for franchise partners so that we can bring our desirable and efficient way of doing things to a broader audience. Our growth, scalability and savvy with sales and marketing mean that we have a lot to offer even if you wish to retain your own name and the goodwill you’ve accumulated through years of hard work.


Step Into the Future With Us


Realtors and brokers are eying the success of Smart Sell Real Estate to try to emulate us and leverage our practices. There are no better methods for doing this, in our opinion, than by coming to work at our office or by franchising with us. Give us a call in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, today to inquire further about these exciting opportunities.